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Our mission is to bring communities together in a friendly, safe, and service-oriented manner by providing local areas spanning the United States with virtual hubs where members of a community can come together to communicate and conduct friendly transactions.

Why should I use this yardsale site?

Have fun finding local bargains, make a little extra spending cash, de-clutter your house … the list goes on!

Do I have to pay to sell an item on the site?

No, you do not have to pay to sell an item. There is no charge for basic site services (see below).

What does a basic membership include?

Basic Membership (FREE):
  • Up to 3 item listings at a time with expiration duration of 60 days
  • 1 picture displayed for each item listing
  • Unlimited yardsale listings (no pictures included)

What does a preferred membership include?

Premier Membership ($5.95/one month or $29.95/six months):
  • Unlimited amount of item listings at a time
  • Up to 4 pictures displayed for each item listing
  • Bolded item listings
  • Prioritized placement in search results (listings will appear before basic membership listings)
  • Thumbnail picture included in search results with enlarged scroll-over image
  • Brief description included in search results
  • Unlimited yardsale listings with up to 4 pictures per listing

What types of items can I sell on the site?

Anything you would sell at a typical yardsale. Big things, small things (individually or as part of a “lot”), whatever you can think of! The only restriction is that items must be family friendly. Anything vulgar and/or offensive in nature will be rejected from the site.

What should I include in the title of my listing?

When titling a listing, be brief yet descriptive, remembering that the title may be the only thing that gets looked at.

How should I price my items?

Keep in mind that this is a yardsale site, so price your items much like you would at an actual yardsale … and of course, yardsales and bartering go hand in hand, so always leave a little wiggle room just to keep things interesting.

How do I communicate with a seller or buyer?

The purpose of the site is to connect local sellers with local buyers. Once the connection has been made, it is up to the individuals to communicate via personal email and/or phone.

Does the site handle payment of goods?

Payment of goods must be coordinated between the buyer and seller, and is not the responsibility of this website.

What should I do if I have a complaint about a buyer or seller?

Please see Register Complaint.

Why do you need my personal information in order for me to register on the site?

The use of this site only requires personal information necessary for day-to-day account usage and maintenance. Any additional information provided will be used only for site statistics and improvement and will never be sold to outside parties. Please see Privacy Policy.

What’s the most important thing to remember when using this site?

Have fun, be courteous, and find lots of cool stuff!

How long will my item be listed on the site?

Your item will stay listed for 30 days and then become deactivated. You can choose to reactivate the item within 60 days, which will re-post it publicly for another 30-day cycle. If the item is not reactivated within 60 days it will be completely removed from the site.
Site Policies
Rules & Regulations
  • Anything vulgar and/or offensive in nature will not be tolerated on the site.
  • Personal information obtained through communication on the site should be used for no other purpose than the transaction of goods on this site.
  • Account holders must be 18 or older. Individuals younger than 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian buy and/or sale items for them.
  • Site users should only have one account on the site. If individuals are discovered to have more than one account, they will receive an automatic warning that they are to discontinue use of all accounts but one. Further use of multiple accounts will result in permanent deactivation of all accounts.
  • In the event that an account holder has as many as three complaints registered against him, his account will be deactivated for 60 days. Any additional complaints can result in permanent deactivation.
We highly value your privacy. Any personal information collected on our yardsale site is strictly for our use in managing your personal account and will not be used for any other purpose. We will not sell your personal information to third parties for any use whatsoever, nor will we use your personal information for any of our own additional services (newsletter, item notifications, etc.) without your strict consent.
The only circumstances in which we would intentionally disclose your information to third parties would be to prevent an emergency, to protect or enforce the rights of ourselves or others, or to comply with legal mandates.
If you access a third-party website directly from our site, our Privacy Policy does not apply. Site users should review the Privacy Policies of third-party websites on an individual basis.
Please note that while this site regulates that “Personal information obtained through communication on the site should be used for no other purpose than the transaction of goods on this site”, we cannot guarantee adherence to this regulation. Site users are responsible for the personal information they disclose to other site users while in using this website.
If any changes to our Privacy Policy occur at any time, you will be notified via email.
We highly value the security of your personal information. We adhere to generally accepted industry standards in an effort to avoid the misuse of any of your information.
All online transactions are handled via a secure third party company, PayPal. No credit card or financial information will be stored on this site for transactions.
Any safety concerns related to the use of this site, should be considered by the user. While we are happy to provide safety tips (see below), we are not responsible for the safety of those who choose to utilize this website. Having yardsales and selling yardsale-type stuff can be a lot of fun and very useful, but staying safe while you do it is most important.
Tips for safe local selling:
  • Be extremely cautious selling small items of high value. Items such as jewelry, one-of-a-kind trading cards, etc. should probably be saved for more impersonal sites such as eBay. If you wouldn’t display it while hanging out on your front lawn at a yardsale, you might not want to sell it on this site. You are at your own risk when you list these types of items—you don’t want to attract anyone with malicious intent to your address by publically advertising small items of high value. Please be extra careful!
  • Consider meeting the buyer at a grocery store or other public location, particularly when items are easily portable (a box of clothes, microwave, bedding, even small furniture and bikes, etc.). While a great tip for anyone, this might be especially useful for those who live alone. Being able to meet up easily at a public location is the beauty of this very local service.
  • Be smart and follow your gut. Pay attention when you are communicating (via phone, email, etc.) with a buyer or seller. If something doesn’t seem right, end communication right away. Please report any individuals who seem suspicious or are using the site inappropriately. Follow your intuition and play it safe!
Acceptance Statement
By using this yardsale site you are agreeing to the above rules and regulations, accepting the site’s Privacy Policy, and acknowledging the company’s security measures.
Effective Date: May 1st, 2009
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